The Ultimate Guide to the Basics of Strength and Conditioning Training

Are you hoping to build strength and reduce your risk of injury? If so, you’ll want to learn the basics of strength and conditioning training. With some commitment and sweat, you can build a leaner body and set yourself up for a healthier lifestlye.

Curious to learn more? Keep reading to find out what you should know about the essentials of strength and conditioning workouts!

Make Intensity a Priority

When you’re approaching fitness goals, push yourself to work hard. While it might be tempting to grab the lightest set of weights or jog at a slower pace, you’ll see better results if you go above and beyond. A good strength and conditioning workout will leave you tired, sweaty, and invigorated.

Get your heart rate up by doing a set of squats and follow it up with some jumping jacks. Find a routine that gets you breathing hard, and when that routine starts to seem easy, add a few more reps or sets. The more intense the workout, the better the results.

Focus on the Core

Since your core affects everything above and below it and it keeps you centered, you’ll want to devote time to building a strong core. As part of a strength and conditioning program, do crunches, leg lifts, planks, and back squats to add muscle.

Exercises like rowing are excellent for developing a strong core, too. If you add a rowing machine to your basement, you’ll be able to burn calories while defining your core muscles.

Aim for Strong Technique with Strength and Conditioning Training

When you’re focusing on strength training workouts, pay attention to what you’re doing with your body mechanics. Moving too quickly or jerking your muscles can result in more harm than good. Focus on keeping your body still and composed, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re not confident in your technique.

Be sure to breathe as you lift weights, and don’t strain your body beyond what is comfortable. Lifting too much could backfire and result in injuries. Aim to hit roughly 12 repetitions for each exercise, and try to seek a balance of exercises for both the upper and lower body.

Maintain a Strength Training Schedule

When it comes to strength and conditioning, it’s critical to maintain a consistent schedule. If you want to see results, you’ll need to commit to a minimum of two days per week of weight training. Make a schedule, and stick with it!

Invest in some free weights so you can plan your workouts around your life. You might not always have time to go to a gym, so if you can bring the gym to your house, you’ll save valuable hours

Get Working

Strength and conditioning training should be a part of your weekly routine if you’re hoping for a healthier lifestyle. Even if you’re starting from scratch, you can see results within weeks. Stay focused, check your form, and push yourself to new heights!

And if you’re looking for the right equipment to reach your fitness goals, contact us and we can help!

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