Cardio Is King: The Importance of Cardio

In the world of physical fitness, cardio reigns supreme. Cardio exercise includes any workout that helps to get your heart rate up.

Think beyond measuring inches and how many pounds you lose when starting a new workout plan. The biggest benefits of cardio exercise happen inside the body.

Take a look at this overview of how cardio adds to your overall wellness.

What’s a Cardio Workout?

Cardio is short for cardiovascular. Your body’s cardiovascular system includes your heart, blood vessels, and blood.

Aerobic exercise is nicknamed cardio because these movements get your heart rate up increasing blood flow throughout your body. This is important when exercising because your cardiovascular system is responsible for distributing oxygen to all your internal organ systems.

More oxygen to your brain, muscles, and tissue means getting more energy and nutrients. As a result, you can work out longer and get better results.

Most people have a low aerobic capacity when they first start an exercise routine. That means that time it takes for them to be out of breath is relatively short.

But as you practice your aerobic activity over time, you’ll increase your endurance making cardio workouts much easier and much more effective.

Cardio & Disease Prevention

One of the biggest reasons you need cardio in your workout routine is that it helps to prevent stroke and heart disease. The healthy circulation of blood throughout your body’s systems is like the oil change your car gets every few months.

Like your car’s engine, the heart needs that boost circulation with well-oxygenated blood to remain in tip-top shape. The amount of cardio you need to stay in shape varies by age.

In general, the CDC recommends around 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise each day for healthy adults. But a good rule of thumb is to simply subtract your age from 220 to get your target heart rate.

For example, a 40-year-old should aim for a target heart rate of 180 if they don’t have any other serious health risks. Beginners should start with a low impact until after building endurance.

The easiest way to injure yourself is trying to get results too quickly by overexerting yourself during a workout. A brisk walk a few times each week is enough to reap the benefits of cardio.

Aerobic Exercise for Aging Adults

It’s common for doctors to recommend aerobic exercise to everyone. But as you age, your joints become increasingly stiff making it critical to get in a cardio workout almost every day.

Seniors need joint and bone support in order to avoid arthritis pains. Cardio workouts can also help with stiff joints which are often the reason for falls.

Cardio can also delay certain diseases like diabetes and osteoporosis. To get these benefits, aging adults should aim to get at least 2.5 hours of cardio exercise per week.

Kick Start Your Cardio Routine

The best part about cardio routines is that they don’t require any equipment to get started. Hiking, dancing, and even yard work count as cardio workouts.

If you’re prone to boredom during workouts, no problem. Switch between jogging on a treadmill and kayaking outdoors.

There are countless possibilities for cardio workouts based on your personal preferences. To order your new cardio equipment, visit our website for information.

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