The Importance of Cardio: 3 Key Benefits of Cardiovascular Fitness

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the benefits of cardiovascular fitness.  It’s a crucial part of any exercise program, whether your goal is to become healthier or fitter, or to lose weight. Cardio doesn’t just mean running. It can be any exercise that gets your heart rate up and increases your blood circulation.

While there are certainly many physical benefits of cardio, from getting more toned to losing weight, there are other benefits as well which we’re going to focus on here. Let’s talk more about some of the lesser-known benefits of cardio and why you should make it part of your exercise program.

Here are 3 reasons to consider incorporating it today.

1. It Helps You Sleep

Do you have a hard time falling asleep (or staying asleep) at night? Cardiovascular exercise can help alleviate this. A study on chronic insomnia showed that even moderate aerobic exercise, such as walking, helped those with chronic insomnia fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

To help with sleep, ensure that all cardiovascular activities are done at least two hours or more before falling asleep. While it’s not exactly known why cardio helps, one theory is the decrease in the body’s temperature after exercising may help promote sleep.

2. It Helps Promote Good Mental Health

Ever heard of the runner’s high? It’s a real thing and it’s become no secret that cardiovascular exercise can help improve your mood. Activities like taking a bike ride, going for a walk or running can help reduce feelings of depression or anxiety. This is because of the endorphins that are released as you run.

If you’re feeling stressed out, or down, grab your running shoes and hit the streets or the treadmill and start moving. Chances are once you’re done you’ll have a new outlook.

3.  It’s Good for Your Heart

Your heart is a muscle and much like the rest of your body, it needs to be worked out in order to stay strong. Cardiovascular exercise increases your heart rate to get it working in overtime–and ensuring that your heart and body get the exercise they need.

By increasing your heart rate you’ll get the blood pumping through your body more efficiently, which helps lower your risk of heart disease.

Start Incorporating Cardiovascular Fitness into Your Routine Today

Now that you know the benefits, are you ready to get started on your cardiovascular routine? You’ve got plenty of options for incorporating cardiovascular fitness into your life.

If you prefer to be outdoors, you can get started now by grabbing your sneakers, lacing up and taking a jog. If you prefer the gym environment, or are interesting in building up a home gym, try out a rower, stationary bike or an elliptical.

Regardless of what you choose, the benefits remain the same. If you’re ready to start your home gym, we can help. Reach out to us today for all your fitness needs.

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