Staying Fit: 5 Workout Routines for Fat Loss

The bad news is that there’s no magic cure for losing weight. The good news is that are methods that work, and anybody can do them. Staying fit and losing weight is achievable no matter what your starting point is.

Ready to feel the burn? Check out these seven workout routines for fat loss you can start doing after reading this article.

1. Lift Weights

Weight lifting helps tone your muscles, and muscles help your body be more efficient in burning fat. Doing resistance workouts for major muscle groups will help you see an improvement in your appearance.

Be sure to go slow with weight lifting, especially if you’re a beginner. Start at a weight that feels heavy but still manageable. From there, you can work your way to lifting something heavier.

Try deadlifts, curls, squats, and chest presses to target all areas of your body. You can also use your body weight for exercises like push-ups and pull-ups for an effective fat-burning workout.

2. Circuit Training

Circuit training utilizes high-intensity resistance training and rest periods. The aerobic and weight training intervals keep your heart rate up and sweat out some pounds.

You can create a circuit training routine of exercises that work best for your body. Do at least 10-20 repetitions or a minute of each two or three times with a rest period in between.

Try adding jump roping, burpees, mountain climbers, sprint, and using a kettlebell for a daily calorie-burning workout.

3. Cardio

When most people think of how to lose weight, they think of doing cardio. It’s true that cardio is a great fat loss workout, but the trick to progress is doing high-impact cardio.

Focus on cardio exercises that use your legs, core, and butt to get the most calorie burn. You should also mix up your cardio exercises to continue to challenge yourself and your body.

Running, cycling, swimming, boxing, or playing sports are all great forms of cardio.

4. Yoga

Yoga may not be your first idea for burning fat, but this exercise can be a game-changer in your routine. Yoga can help trim and tone your body by strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility.

Standard yoga will give you a great workout, but you also might want to consider hot yoga or power yoga that will definitely get you sweating.

5. Interval Training

Similar to circuit training, interval training utilizes periods of high-intensity exercise with periods of recovery. The difference between the two is that interval training focuses on cardio rather than resistance.

Your high-intensity periods should be short bursts of activities that use the stored energy in your muscles. Follow with a recovery period. Activity intervals can be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, with rest periods being a minute.

Try sprinting, stair running, or running hills.

Staying Fit Has Never Been So Simple

If you have a goal of staying fit, getting healthier, and losing weight, you can achieve it with a few simple lifestyle changes. To get the best results, combine a few of these exercises into a rotating routine.

Ready to take your workout to the next level? Check out our selection of cardio and strength equipment. With the proper routine, you can be fitter and more toned than ever before.

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