A Home Gym Doesn’t Need Commercial Quality, Right? Think Again!

As we head into the fall, soon it will get a bit chilly outdoors. If the cold weather is not your favorite, it might drive you indoors for your exercise. If you are tired of paying a monthly gym fee, you might be considering investing that money in buying gym equipment for your home. Since it is just you, you don’t need commercial quality, right? Think again. These are reasons that we suggest that you pay the extra for commercial fitness equipment in Georgia versus going cheap!

Cheap Gets You What You Pay For!

As in any industry, buying cheap gets you what you pay for. Exercise equipment, if used regularly, has to put up with a lot of abuse, from salt in your sweat to heavy pounding. If you invest in anything less than commercial exercise equipment, it will probably not be what you expect. Cheap equipment can reduce the benefits that you see from working out and lead to you not enjoying it very much. Not many people do things they don’t like, and the whole idea behind buying your home equipment is convenience and motivation!

Repairs Cost a Fortune

You pay a lot for exercise equipment, regardless of whether it is residential or commercial. But as anyone who has ever needed to repair their exercise equipment can confirm, sometimes the repairs will cost more than just throwing it out and replacing it. Most residential equipment does not come with more than a 30-day guarantee, and when something goes wrong, it is more economical to replace than repair it. If you buy commercial equipment, there is less chance that it will break – and if it does, it typically comes with a better warranty.

Flimsy = Unsafe and Unmotivating

Residential workout equipment tends to be flimsy and can’t take a lot of weight, which means that you have to treat it with kid gloves. What fun is a piece of equipment that you can’t get on and give it your all? Equipment that is not made well will always limit what you do on it, and will lead to results that are less than if you had just chosen to invest in commercial equipment. There is no sense in investing in something that you aren’t going to be satisfied with!

It is Not What You are Used to!

If you have always been a person who works out at the gym and wants to switch things up for more convenience, then you aren’t going to be happy with residential workout equipment. Sure, it might seem like a challenge at the store and you might think that it is enough, but we guarantee that once you get it home, it will not be what you thought it was. If you purchase commercial equipment, you will know exactly what to expect, and there is less chance of buyer’s remorse!

Commercial Equipment Saves You Headaches!

Commercial equipment is a bigger investment upfront, but it is one that is well worth it. Often, we spend dollars trying to save pennies. The headaches that you save with commercial equipment like its ability to take more wear and tear, requiring less repairs, and the reliability that comes with it are well worth the additional cost. Sure, it is an investment, but a smart one!

As we head into fall, you might be thinking about taking your workout indoors. Instead of joining a gym or investing in new residential equipment that won’t be what you want, you might want to consider buying used commercial equipment instead. At Fitness Emporium, we have a large stock of different commercial equipment to choose from. We stand behind all of the products we sell so you can get on, give it all you’ve got, and be confident it will take your fitness to the next level. Check out all that we offer today!

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